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New Stories: Mr. Fate and Hurdy Gurdy

Two of my stories are featured in the new issue of The Chamber magazine, with more following next month. Read the latest issue here, there’s some great stuff in it:

Thanks as always to Phil, the editor, for his kind words and deciding to feature my work!

I have little to say about these new stories, except that they are both examples of what I suppose is becoming a common theme in my work, namely British (or, particularly, English) approaches to/attempts at ‘escapism’. Where these stories are bitter, they are not as bitter as they may at first appear to be. Really, I am quite fond of a fair bit of music hall, the tune ‘Down in Cupid’s Gardens’ and Flanagan and Allen, but like Mr. Fate, I am not as sentimental about the degraded and de-radicalised Archie Rice-y variety stuff that came to dominate television schedules during certain recent decades and which continues to subsist and persist in various mutated forms today. The nostalgia for this material is baffling and worrying and telling.

As always, what underscores everything- the counterpoint melody that must be kept in mind- is the dream of the alternative and the better- call it disheveled socialism…


Author: Billy Stanton

Billy Stanton is a young working-class writer and film-maker based in London, and originally from Portsmouth. His short story ‘Screwfix’ was recently published in the psychogeography collection ‘New Towns’ (Wild Pressed Books). His short fiction has also appeared in Horla and The Chamber magazines. His latest short film ‘Noli’, dealing with the rituals of modern British drinking culture, is currently in post-production.

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