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New Stories: The Never-Never, Tide Turners and Stitched Jack

More new stories this month! Thanks as always to the kind editors for including me in their publications.

The Never-Never, a story of revolution, can be found here

Tide Turners, where Cnut slays one world and casts a melancholy eye over the surviving one, and Stitched Jack, where a sailor finds that fabled myrtle tree that Nancy knew as he meets his doom in a crusty on-board superstition, can be found here


Author: Billy Stanton

Billy Stanton is a young working-class writer and film-maker based in London, and originally from Portsmouth. His short story ‘Screwfix’ was recently published in the psychogeography collection ‘New Towns’ (Wild Pressed Books). His short fiction has also appeared in Horla and The Chamber magazines. His latest short film ‘Noli’, dealing with the rituals of modern British drinking culture, is currently in post-production.

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